Although filming in Spain is now permitted since May 25th, the working conditions have changed to adequate to the health requirements needed to prevent Covid 19. Below you will find some useful, practical and clear recommendations for you to carry out your audio visual productions, complying with both health and labour regulations and respecting provisions dictated by the Public Administration. Keep reading to know how is filming after Covid 19.


  • Filming on sets and private spaces is permitted. However, the different localizations must be disinfected before and after shooting. Special attention must be paid to common areas and frequently touched surfaces such as knobs and tables.
  • Conditions and processing times to enable shootings in public and natural areas will be determined by the Public Administrations of each Autonomous Community upon request. The filming area will be delimited and the basic recommendations must be held whenever possible.


Before filming after covid 19

  • Before the filming process starts the production Company must elaborate a Protocol for General Security and Labour Health due to Covid 19. The protocol must gather preventive measures for the protection of each space and workstation. This contingency plan must be practical, simple and clear. Also, it could be subject to changes at any time, following the recommendations provided by the sanitary authorities. Moreover, this will also apply to all subcontracted companies which have access to the working areas.
  • It is advisable to conduct diagnostic tests on any person who is going to work on-site to make sure they do not have Covid 19 at least fifteen days before they start to work.
  • In regards to actors, actresses, stunts and extras who cannot maintain the recommended interpersonal distance, they must certify that they are healthy by taking a diagnostic test. They could also submit an affidavit declaring that they have been lockdown from the moment they take the test until they start to work.

Apart from these measures, remote work is still highly recommended during the stages of pre-production and post-production. Also, team meetings must be held through videoconference whenever possible.

At the workstation and on the set

Measures for secure interpersonal distance must be respected at the workplace. To do so, you must take into account the following:

filming after covid 19

  • Work tasks and processes must be planned in advance so that people can maintain a secure interpersonal distance.
  • Agglomerations must be avoided in common areas.
  • Appropriate protection equipment must be used if the nature of the activity does not allow for interpersonal distance.
  • The use of lifts will be reduced to a minimum, the use of stairs is preferable. If needed, lifts can be used by one person at a time.
  • A special space for catering will be set where food will be prepared in individual boxes, using hermetic closing vegetable fibre packs (ecological). Staff members must take turns to pick up the food.

Moreover, the production company will have to provide team members with suitable preventive elements such as accredited disinfectant gel and individual protection materials. Also, signalling elements and informative banners must be installed on set and they must be visible in common areas and restrooms.

Hygiene rules: filming after covid 19

  • The use of masks will be obligatory in enclosed spaces and in open spaces whenever it’s not possible to maintain a secure interpersonal distance of at least one and a half meters.
  • Constant hand washing, especially when entering and leaving the set or location. Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a non-reusable napkin or the interior face of the elbow.
  • Touching eyes, nose and mouth must be avoided since hands facilitate the transmission. Lenses, short nails and hair worn up are highly recommended.
  • After each cleaning, used materials and protective equipment will be managed carefully and hands must be washed afterwards.
  • If the use of restrooms is permitted, they must be disinfected at least six times a day..
  • Periodic ventilation of the facilities must be carried out at least once a day and every five minutes.
  • The use of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and walkie-talkies will be strictly personal.

During filming after covid 19

During filming, only the correctly identified technical and artistic team members will have access to the set. To avoid agglomerations, stunts and extras will be the same people whenever possible.

Security conditions

filming after covid 19

  • At the entrance of the filming set there will be disinfectant gel and PPEs for the ones who are entering the area. These must be used the entire time the staff remains on set. These materials and any other non-reusable tool must be available at the entrance of the installations, next to specialized containers to throw them away before leaving the area.
  • The use of contactless thermometers is always recommended before entering the set.
  • In films where there is no direct physical interaction the general recommendations for prevention and hygiene due to Covid 19 must be followed.
  • Whenever the job does not allow for secure interpersonal distance or the use of adequate protective equipment (that’s the case for actors and actresses), special measures must be established for each individual case.
  • With regards to make-up, hairdressing and clothing, the right protective equipment must be used to protect both the worker and the artist. Also, special measures for the disinfection of clothes will be implemented to be able to issue them to other people.
  • Decorative elements and props in contact with the technical and artistic team must be disinfected before and after each scene.
  • Materials for camera, light and grips must arrive on set with a disinfection guarantee signed by the supplier of the materials.
  • Lavalier microphones must be disinfected after each take and will be used by just one actor at a time. The plastic protector must be changed after scene and character.
  • Headsets will be non-transferable and disinfected after each use. Pole vault microphones will be protected and set up at a secure distance from the actors. It also must be disinfected after each take.
  • El micrófono de pértiga estará protegido y se ubicará a una distancia prudencial de los actores, desinfectándolo después de cada toma.
  • Any food in the scenes must be protected and isolated from the preparation process until it is time to start filming. The use of non-reusable cutlery and dishes is highly recommended.

To monitor the efficient fulfilment of these preventive measures, the production company will designate a person or team to be responsible for carrying out a daily journal containing all the information regarding the filming process, timetables, lists of people who have access to the set, disinfection processes, PPEs, etc. This information must be updated and available at all times.

Take action on first signs

use of masks filming after covid 19

  • If you are a professional of the audio visual sector and have symptoms of any kind (cough, fever, shortness of breath) you mustn’t go to work, instead, contact your local medical centre. Do not return to your position until you have an official confirmation that your health and others’ is not in danger.
  • If you have been in contact or have shared the same space with a person affected by Covid 19, you mustn’t go to work, even without symptoms, for at least 14 days.

Sources: Best practice guide from the Spain Film Commission