They always know how to act, guided by their instinct.
They have the largest brain in proportion to their body-size of all animals.
They can survive up to two weeks under water.
Las Hormigas Negras is the only audio-visual production company capable of lifting 50-times its own weight.

Leading Las Hormigas

Foto Mario mini


"Let me do another take from there"

Director of photography, entrepreneur, tireless at work, loves gear... After training in Art and Design in his native Cuba, Mario took his first steps in the audio-visual sector working for some of the leading producers in the Canary Islands. Anyone who works with him can feel his talent and passion. In 2013, he convinced Luis to embark on the Las Hormigas Negras project with him, an adventure that has enhanced his professional experience while leaving the illusion he felt the first day totally intact.

Foto Mario mini


"Is there anything else I should ask him?"

Luis’s journey with Las Hormigas Negras has taken him half-way around the world carrying a note-book, a microphone and his passion for telling stories. Journalist, voice-talent, Luis Luque has directed and created several successful formats on Canary Island Television, editor, screen writer, blogger, etc. and ever since “he got carried away by Mario”, a producer too. Together with his partner, they form an outstanding team that brings together commitment, professionalism, rigour, brilliance and non-conformity; values shared by the entire Las Hormigas Negras team of professionals.