Are you thinking about carrying out your next audiovisual production in the Canary Islands? If the answer is yes, you should know that the transport for your audiovisual materials from abroad is going to involve a high cost and administrative work. In this post, we will explain the reasons why it is more worthwhile to rent audiovisual materials in the Canary Islands than it is to bring them from your country of origin. 

1. Different tax systems in the Spanish Peninsula and abroad

rental service in the canary islands
Las Hormigas Negras in the shooting of the film ‘En la piel del Volcán’, by Armando Ravelo.

Thanks to the Fiscal and Economic Regime (REF), the archipelago benefits from its own special legal and fiscal framework, which allows for cinematographic production companies to benefit from numerous advantages. However, having a tax system so different from the Spanish Peninsula and Europe, if an audiovisual production company from other parts of Spain or from abroad wished to bring their own materials to the Canary Islands, they might have to overcome some difficulties with regards to customs or the application process for the ATA Carnet. 

There is also the possibility for the production company to not have their own equipment and, so they would be interested in renting it in Spain or in the islands. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the tax system in Spain and The Canary Islands is quite different, with regards to taxes, it is like exporting from abroad, even if you are in the same country.

2. Transport savings if you rent audiovisual materials in the Canary Islands

One of the greatest handicaps of transporting the audiovisual materials among different tax spaces are the costs of transport. There is the ATA Carnet alternative, which is an international goods passport valid for one year. Although it simplifies customs processes, this document implies an extra time investment to submit all the requested documentation, however, transport costs are not included.

The emission rate of the document is 165 euros, to this, an insurance for the ATA Carnet can be optionally added. Also, the issuing of the ATA Carnet requires a guarantee fee to be payed out to ensure the payment of the import rights within the country/territory of temporary admission, this fee will be returned after its period of validity. The guarantee fee will depend on destiny, but it can be of 25% up to 100% of the value of the goods you wish to import.

3. More comfortable installation and movement 

better to rent the material in the canary islands
LHN shooting a scene from ‘La Piel del Volcán’, a film by Armando Ravelo.

Another advantage of renting the audiovisual material in the Canary Islands is that you will neither have to worry about the assembly of the materials nor about the transport of the equipment to the filming location. You can delegate this task to the professional team who are delivering the materials. Logistic services can be requested for the materials to be transported to the location you ask for; have it installed and be prepared so that no technical problems arise during the filming process. Also, this option does not require storage or transfers, which makes it very handy. You will be able invest your time and energy on what really matters.

4. Technical support near you if you rent audiovisual materials in the Canary Islands

If you rent the audiovisual materials in the Canary Islands you will also get local technical assistance to back you up in case any problems come up. You will not have your supplier a hundred kilometers away from you, instead, experienced local technicians will help you so that your agenda and the quality of your production will not suffer any mishaps.

Apart from the luxurious technical assistance, if you rent from a service company in the Canary Islands, you will also have access to consulting from professionals in the islands. They will guide you in the selection of the most modern devices which can best suit your filming process.

5. Excellent value for money 

rent audiovisual material in the canary islands
LHN in the shooting of ‘La Piel del Volcán’, new film by Armando Ravelo.

All the money you will save from the transport of the technical equipment can be invested in other aspects of your audiovisual production. This percentage of expenses could be deducted in any production budget to invest in other elements such as the selection of actors or locations.

Also, the rental service does not require a big investment and ensures the quality of your work. When you rent an equipment for your audiovisual productions, it is always cutting-edge technology, which ensures a professional job which will make you feel at home without having to spend so much money on the transport of your audiovisual materials.

Do you want to rent your audiovisual materials in the Canary Islands? At Las Hormigas Negras we offer this service. Rent the best brands and models at competitive prices and we will transport the audiovisual materials you need to anywhere in the archipelago.