We can make the official announcement: Las Hormigas Negras Producciones Audiovisuales has a new post-production and audio-visual creation studio in Gran Canaria just like producers from London, Berlin or Madrid

We arranged an opening cocktail on the company’s 6th anniversary last October, attracting customers from advertising agencies, directors of leading Canary Island companies and Canary Island Television. Customers who, over time, have become friends of Las Hormigas Negras after making advertising spots, corporate videos or television programmes together.

With its strategic position, the new audio-visual studio in Telde, in the east of the island of Gran Canaria - between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Airport, offers around 350 m2 for producing cinema, advertising and television in the Canary Islands; an operations base from which Las Hormigas Negras produces in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote… or wherever the audio-visual project dictates.

Luis Luque, founding partner of Las Hormigas Negras, said that “the studio aspires to becoming one of the main audio-visual production centres of the Canary Islands. We want to keep the spirit and attention to detail of a small workshop, but with the production capacity that today’s visual industry requires. We are ready, not only to roll out our own projects, but also to host other production companies that may come to the Canary Islands to shoot, or even open up as an audio-visual co-working space in Gran Canaria”.


Mario Blanco in turn, the other half running Las Hormigas Negras, has placed the emphasis on the enormous creative potential of the facilities: “We have a colorimetry and colour-matching studio, sound recording studio, editing stations and video post-production, editing room, individual offices and, of course, a large store of technical cinema and video material, as well as a cyclorama, a recreation area and a spacious office. Although a lot of care has gone into the aesthetics and premium materials have been used, the object has been functionality, rather than luxury, for audio-visual creators.”

The partners have announced to their customers that they have bought a new camera for hire, the new Arri Alexa Mini LF in the Canary Islands to provide service throughout Spain. Both Mario and Luis have also declared that the studio is open to anyone who wants to explore its possibilities for their own creative project. You can contact them on the Las Hormigas Negras web site form