We are the benchmark producer in the Canary Islands for Zumos Lambda fruit juices

The Zumos Lambda brand has once again chosen Las Hormigas Negras to produce their television advertising campaign. These adverts, starring T.V. presenter Wendy Fuentes, transmit the freshness and positive vibe of the juice brand in the Canary Islands.

Under the Zumos Lambda tag-line, “Canary Island maestros in fruit”, Las Hormigas Negras has produced an advert that shows a happy, healthy life-style, values transmitted by the brand. To achieve this, we have taken charge of producing everything necessary to make and broadcast this advertisement: interior and exterior locations, choosing the best team for producing the advert, which includes directing, production, wardrobe, art, sound, image, etc. and the best possible editing and post-production of both sound and images, which has led to an advert that reflects the same quality as the brand itself.

Las Hormigas Negras has gone to great lengths and spared no detail to make the most creative and high-quality video possible, using the best team of people and technical equipment. That is why Zumos Lambda has continued to place their trust in us to pre-produce, produce and post-produce their television adverts in the Canary Islands in 2017 and 2018.

Las Hormigas Negras loves producing advertisements in the Canary Islands because our wonderful locations and incredible landscapes enable us to make adverts of enormous visual quality. Big-budget or shoe-string, Las Hormigas Negras produces unique adverts for television, from the initial idea to it airing on TV, thanks to the talent and dedication of the professionals that comprise our team. That is why Las Hormigas Negras is an audio-visual producer that grows more and more each day in producing television advertisements.