Las Hormigas Negras produces the “Zona de Juego 3.0” programme for Televisión Canaria

Las Hormigas Negras loves television. Our production company started out in television, which is why we couldn’t miss the chance to produce “Zona de Juego 3.0”, an entertaining television format that takes a mixture of football and humour into Canary Island households on Club Deportivo Tenerife and Unión Deportiva Las Palmas match days.

The hosts for this programme are journalist Almudena Santana and comedians Dani Calero and Jorge Galván. This programme is a continuation of the legacy of “Zona de Juego”, broadcast prior to the match on Televisión Canaria, in a mixture of football and humour. The aim of “Zona de Juego 3.0” was to “bring football back to the people”, with a large dose of humour and down-to-earth reports highlighting the value of the fans and the footballing heritage of the Canary Islands.

To achieve this, Las Hormigas Negras has found the best team of professionals, including the programme hosts, its director, producer, script-writers, editors and camera operators, who managed to create a fresh, entertaining programme for week-end afternoons in the Canary Islands.

With entertaining, down-to-earth reports showing the everyday lives of both fans and football clubs in the Canary Islands, the “Zona de Juego 3.0” team showed just how the men and women of the Canary Islands feel for their teams. And all of this was set in the sporting reality of the moment with a touch of humour. Entertaining and showing how enthusiastic Canary Islanders are to enjoy their football. This was the major objective of this programme produced for Televisión Canaria. “Zona de Juego 3.0” is a programme aimed at connecting with the audience and bring Canary Island families together around the television to watch Canary Island football at all levels.