Las Hormigas Negras designs the motion graphics animations for the Xtravans video

Audio-visual production company Las Hormigas Negras was tasked by the Caetsu Two events and communication agency with designing the motion graphics animations for the video introducing Xtravans.

Las Hormigas Negras was given the mission of doing the animations, voice-over in English and the final editing of the video. This audio-visual piece explains exactly what Xtravans is, a flexible van-hire service that enables the customer to change vehicles without any penalty and hire it for any amount of time from a day to 60 months. Xtravans is a service that adapts to the customer, who only pays for what they need, without having to wait as availability is immediate. This is a revolutionary van hire service for both companies and individuals.

Las Hormigas Negras was involved in different stages of the process of producing this video, creating the motion graphics animations, obtaining the best voice-over for the video and giving it pace in the final editing. This would not have been possible without the talent and professionalism of the team that works in Las Hormigas Negras. The result is a fresh, dynamic video that makes the advantages of this service perfectly clear.

Motion graphics animations have undoubtedly become the best ally of the marketing and communications departments of many companies. 2D animation is one of the most useful tools when you cannot just go out on the street and film something, or if the concepts you want to get across are highly complex. Las Hormigas Negras is on the cutting edge of this technique and produces the animations that best meet the needs of our clients in a range of different processes like the screenplay, the story-telling or the illustration, so that our clients’ message really gets across to the target group.