Las Hormigas Negras produced the Carnival video clip for Televisión Canaria

Producing video clips is one of the things that Las Hormigas Negras likes doing the most. The chance to put images to different songs is something that we absolutely love, even more so when our team is tasked with producing the Carnival video clip for Televisión Canaria.

With Foncho and Yoel Díaz doing the voice over and leading the video clip, pre-production started at different locations, filming in different streets of the islands and in a studio too. A wide range of carnival characters took park as well, from “comparsas”, corps de ballet and different extras who brought that typical touch of colour and rhythm of the Canary Island carnival. We were looking to make a happy, dynamic video clip, in consonance with the song and which represented the essence of our carnival.

Apart from all the production resources deployed, we also had the very best technical equipment possible for making this video clip. The Las Hormigas Negras team of director, our camera operator, assistant camera, our head of production and his assistants, wardrobe and make-up, were also involved, together with the editor, responsible for giving the video clip its final form.

Las Hormigas Negras loves producing television, because our directors started out doing television in the Islands. Canaries is a magnificent television set, as it offers spectacular landscapes and places of cultural interest. Las Hormigas Negras has a fantastic team of professionals who give their all in each production and they can offer fixer, scouting and location manager services in the Canary Islands, for both domestic and international productions. That is why we want to continue moving ever forwards, making more and more television productions both for the Canary Islands and for other, more distant shores. Our aim is to continue growing in the field of television productions