Las Hormigas Negras opts for Canary Island cinema with “La cueva de las mujeres”

Telling our own stories, the ones that talk about the past, our Canary Island ancestors, is one of our great passions. That is why Las Hormigas Negras decided to co-produce the short film entitled “La cueva de las mujeres”, directed by local Canary Islander Armando Ravelo.

This film takes us back to the 20th century, to the post-war period. It is a vision of the social repression of the time. It tells the story and the daily life of a group of Canary Island witches who meet in a cave to perform ancestral rites. The aim of the film is to vindicate the figure of women and these rites that were part of the Canary Island culture most rooted in their ancestors.

With an excellent screenplay and a fantastic performance by the actors that comprise the cast of this short film, Las Hormigas Negras took on photographic direction of the film, along with the production and post-production. The team from Las Hormigas Negras did a great job of planning and managing the production. On the technical side, they took great care with the photographic direction, operating cameras and lighting and, in the editing, they were responsible for making the film tell this story in the best possible way.

From the technical and narrative standpoint, the result is a wonderful film that showcases Armando Ravelo’s talent, the fantastic job done with the sound by Hanabi Productions and the work done by the de Las Hormigas Negras team in photography and production. Mention must also be made of the entire team that took part in making this film in one way or another, as their contribution was essential for this production. Working on “La cueva de las mujeres” has undoubtedly been a highly-enriching experience for Las Hormigas Negras, who would like to continue opening a place for itself in film production