Las Hormigas Negras produces the Honda CR-V Hybrid advert

The Las Hormigas Negras audio-visual production company produced the Honda CR-V Hybrid television ad. This was a very special experience, in which the Las Hormigas Negras team was responsible for pre-producing, producing and post-producing this ad.

The ad is presented by children telling us what a hybrid car was for them and why it was important to use it. The purpose: to introduce the new CR-V Hybrid and showcase the advantages of cars of this kind.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid is the first hybrid SUV of the brand to reach the Canary Islands. It has three forms of drive and uses a sophisticated, silent technology. Cars of this kind also consume less fuel and produce low emissions, helping to look after the environment. That is why the slogan for this car is “the car of the present for drivers of the future”.

We wanted to take a fresh, more spontaneous approach to relating the features of the car through interviews with children. Las Hormigas Negras were entrusted with finding the locations, conducting the interviews, filming the video and editing it, with our great team of professional editors, camera operators, sound technicians and producers.

The filming was simple, using the very best technical equipment and the best team of professionals to make this advert. Las Hormigas Negras loves producing television adverts in Canaries because our wonderful, varied locations enable us to film adverts of great visual quality. Whether the budget is blockbuster or shoe-string Las Hormigas Negras produces unique television ads, from the initial idea to the moment it airs on television, thanks to the efforts and talent of the professionals that make up our team. That is why Las Hormigas Negras is an audio-visual production company that moves forwards every day in producing television adverts.