Las Hormigas Negras produces the “Hazlo facilito” ad (Make it easy) for Hyundai

Hyundai entrusted Las Hormigas Negras to produce the “Hazlo Facilito” advertisement for television, encompassing several versions. This entertaining ad is presented by youtuber Gazz, who takes a comical approach to showcase the marvels of the Hyundai i20.

Gazz highlighted the fact that the Hyundai i20 is spacious for carrying your “three old friends and the hanger-on”, and it also has a rear-view camera. This is a humorous ad that shows the innovation of a car that aims to be the young-person’s car-of-choice.

To produce the ad, the Las Hormigas Negras team went to a studio in Madrid to film it, where Gazz, our director, producer and camera operators went the extra mile to produce this highly-creative and technically top-quality advert.

The Las Hormigas Negras enjoyed filming this advert as the idea was fun and original and also because they were filming it in a studio with such quality resources. “Hazlo facilito” was a great opportunity to continue growing and opening up a place for ourselves among the production companies making television advertisements in the Canary Islands and beyond.

Las Hormigas Negras loves making adverts for television because they are great audio-visual experience for us and they allow us to innovate and create audio-visual pieces of great visual quality. Whether the budget is blockbuster or shoe-string Las Hormigas Negras produces unique television ads, from the initial idea to the moment it airs on television, thanks to the talent and dedication of the professionals that comprise our team. That is why Las Hormigas Negras is an audio-visual production company that grows every day in the field of producing television advertisements.

HAZLO FACILITO 60″ from Las Hormigas Negras on Vimeo.