Las Hormigas Negras makes the Fashion & Friends videos

Ever since 2012, ideas and new trends in the world of Gran Canaria fashion meet up in Parque de Santa Catalina at Fashion & Friends. Las Hormigas Negras audio-visual producers has always been there to tell the story in a range of videos that reflect the essence of this event.

Fashion & Friends is a slightly different festival, where the public of Gran Canaria can get a close-up view of the different designers from the Island, discover and buy their garments first hand. Moreover, they can also enjoy a range of different musical performances and have a drink with their families and friends. As a fashion show, there are also cat-walk shows of course to show case the latest collections from the top talent of Gran Canaria design.

The idea was clear at the 2018 edition “either do it with fashion, or don’t do it at all” and this was the idea we wanted to get across with this video showing the essence of the work being done by the designers of Gran Canaria Moda Cálida. They really feel a passion for these designs and a motto that also acts as a founding principle for our work, and which we have reflected in the creativity of this video.

Furthermore, we wanted to show the original nature of Canary Island proposals and “put a face” to the people who attend and take part in this great fashion and Friends fiesta, held every year in Parque de Santa Catalina. That is why, we in Las Hormigas Negras audio-visual production company have gone to great lengths in ensuring management, production and edition of this video with our team of camera operators, producers, script-writers and editors, using the very best technical equipment. That is why we are one of the leading producers in the corporate video and creative content markets in Canaries.