Las Hormigas Negras produces the Eidetesa adverts for television

Las Hormigas Negras was the audio-visual production company commissioned to produce several television adverts for Eidetesa, one of the largest food companies in the Canary Islands. To do this, we chose television presenter Eloísa González to tell us about her everyday routine, and how the taste and freshness of Eidetesa Línea products make them ideal as a snack at any time of day.

Las Hormigas Negras production company and its team took charge from the beginning of pre-production, production and post-production of the advert, which highlights the advantages of these local Canary Island products, using Eloísa González as a well-known face in the Canary Islands.

From a carefully-worded script, searching for extras, props, wardrobe, make-up, image and sound, Las Hormigas Negras was involved in the entire production process of this television ad. Editing, graphics and animation, all done by our team, were also essential.

Las Hormigas Negras has taken care down to the smallest details to make the most creative, high-quality advert possible, using excellent technical equipment and team of people. That is why Eidetesa has placed their trust in us to pre-produce, produce and post-produce these television adverts in the Canary Islands.

Las Hormigas Negras loves making television adverts in the Canary Islands, because our wonderful locations and incredible landscapes enable us to make adverts of enormous visual quality, apart from the wide variety of interior locations for filming. Las Hormigas Negras produces unbeatable television adverts, thanks to the talent and the efforts of the professionals that make up our team. Las Hormigas Negras is an audio-visual production company that goes a step further every day in producing television adverts.

Eidetesa from Las Hormigas Negras on Vimeo.