Las Hormigas Negras is producing the Bankia – Fundación La Caja de Canarias social action video

Once again, Las Hormigas Negras is the production company commissioned to produce the Bankia – Fundación La Caja de Canaria social action video; a video recounting the work done by several non-profit organisations to improve the lives of many people in the Islands through moving and inspiring human stories.

In 2019, we had the chance to showcase the fantastic job being done by the Las Palmas Down Syndrome Association, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Médicos del Mundo, Cáritas South Dioecese Co-ordinator and the AFAES Mental Health Association, with the support of Bankia-La Fundación La Caja de Canarias.

Bankia-La Fundación La Caja de Canarias has provided support for social action plans in Canaries for 17 years. In 2019, they funded 35 projects on four different islands, helping- 2,114 beneficiaries directly and a further 230,000 indirectly. They allotted €150,000 in aid to fight social exclusion in all areas, with a view to creating a fairer and more equitable society.

Joining them in the fight were entities helping people with Down Syndrome and mental health problems to integrate into society, to help the homeless out of this situation, helping to ensure health guarantees for the most vulnerable and for children to grow up happy and protected.

The part that our audio-visual production company played in all this was to do a meticulous job of producing, managing and filming with our camera operators and editors, using the best technical equipment and our drone to create a video that gets this vital work across, and that is why we are one of the benchmarks of the corporate video sector in the Canary Islands.