In this post, we are going to speak about Netflix series filmed in the Canary Islands. But, before we start… Do you remember what movie rental was like? A few years back, one could become member of the nearest video-rental shop where you could find movies on DVD, Blue-Ray and even VHS format. They were classified in different categories and they even had a little sign that said “rented”, and that meant you had to wait for the movie to be returned to be able to watch it. Too much paperwork, right? 

The technological progress has completely changed our way of consuming audio-visual content. In the age of streaming, platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or HBO have become the new “video-rental shops” you can access with just a “click” of your preferred devise.  

Among all the options with high variety of quality content, Netflix is considered the number 1 platform with 183 million subscribers in the world, according to Forbes April 2020. 

The success of the streaming giant is such, that it has been producing its own feature films. In recent occasions, Netflix has chosen the Canary Islands as location for some of its audio-visual shootings. In today’s post, we show you some Netflix series filmed in the Canary Islands. 

The Witcher 

The Witcher is a Netflix super-production released in 2019 which became the tv show with the most successful debut within its catalogue. This is an adaptation of the popular saga of fantasy novels created byAndrzej Sapkowskstarring the wizard Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill: Superman). 

The Witcher is mentioned in this top of Netflix TV Shows filmed in Canary Islands because fany of the exterior scenes were filmed in the region, specifically in Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma and Tenerife. In fact, only the first and third episodes do not contain scenes filmed in the Archipelago. As for the rest, we can find locations from Gran Canaria such as the ravine of FatagaAcusa Seca Caves, Roque Nublo or the impressive Dunes of Maspalomas. 

We can see the rest of the islands in the enchanted forest in which Ciri, the young princess and her escape partner penetrates. This magical space is a mix of images taken from different places, such as La Zarza in Tenerife; El cedro in La Gomera; or La Galga and the incredible forest with waterfalls of Los Tilos in La Palma. 

On the other hand, the Caingorn Mountains in which the hunting expedition takes place during the sixth episode, correspond to other locations in La Palma, such as Cumbrecita, Llano del Jable and Roque de los Muchachos, which is also the highest peak of the island. Also, the Gors Velen beach which appears in the last episode is actually, Guayedra Beach, which is close to the village and port of Agaete in Gran Canaria.

Sky Rojo 

Sky Rojo is another one of Netflix’s current bets. It is produced by Vancouver Media, which is also responsible for the recognized tv show Money Heist, both created by Álex Pina. Although it is still in production phase, we know that Sky Rojo tells the story of three prostitutes who are chased by their pimp’s hitmen after leaving him. 

The first part of this super-production was filmed in Tenerife by the end of 2019. The historic center of the city Los Aldeanos will be featured as Cuba in the new series by Álex Pina. Many neighbors from La Laguna saw Miguel Ángel Silvestre filming in the main street of San Agustín, walking around the area with his co-stars. 

Other locations are situated in Arico and Las Teresitas. In this emblematic coastal space, a party was acted out and, they took the chance to film in the old cemetery of San Andrés. There Miguel Ángel Silvestre was seen again with another protagonist, Asier Etxeandia. And later, in Teide National Park.  

Although, the second shooting in Tenerife was scheduled for March, it had to be postponed due to the expansion of Covid-19, but it has currently picked up the activity and the team is currently filming in the island. This is why Sky Rojo is included in this compilation of Netflix TV Shows filmed in the Canary Islands.

The One 

The One is another serie that Netflix has decided to film in the Canary Islands. The filming process started in November 2019 in Tenerife, just a few weeks apart from the first part of Sky Rojo 

Netflix’s new show situates the viewers in a dystopian future where the best option to find a partner is through a DNA Test which determines compatibility. The idea quickly turns into a popular option for millions of people who participate in the procedure with the hope that they will find their other half. As it always happens in these kinds of stories, all that glitters is not gold and problems soon start to arise. 

It will have 10 episodes and the first shootings were carried out in Tenerife’s Auditorium. Also, parts of the filming process have been filmed in locations in the south of the island and other places in the metropolitan area, in Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The official release date is expected for October 2020.  

Despite of this growing presence, Netflix is not the only platform for online video which has opted for audio-visual shootings in the Canary Islands. Due to its tax incentives and numerous locations in just a few kilometers, the Canary Islands have become one of the favorite places to film for production companies around the world. In our blog you can see other Successful International series filmed in the Canary Islands.